Oats Plays Mahoneyfest 2023


Mahoneyfest 2023, Box Springs, GA, US


Line Up


Todd Olsen aka 'Oats' first broke into the music scene with his former band The Waiting which he cofounded with his brother in the 90s. Having toured North America relentlessly for a decade and garnering five national #1 hits on radio they finally went on hiatus and Oats spent the next several years producing other artists having acquired the skill producing/coproducing The Waiting albums. After suffering multiple devastating personal losses in succession he wrote and recorded the demo Oats album [a tear and a sneer] as a catharsis. As he put it, "I had a metric ton of grief pushing down on me at that time and I wanted to do something more constructive with those emotions than drink too much- so I wrote an album." His stage name 'Oats' was a nickname from 5th grade.

The new EP 'Welcome to Oats' is available on this site and worldwide on most streaming platforms.

Contact Oats- Email: oats@oatsrock.com Text: 404.468.6994

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