The Oats band came together only recently tho the debut album [a tear and a sneer] has been recorded (yet officially unreleased/unpromoted) for several years. Finding the right chemistry for the live band was an inhibiting factor because Oats had a dogged determination to get it right- a factor which was finally resolved when he met Brian Nicolatos (drums) and Rob Agocs (bass). There was a strong musical kinship as all three are former band geeks and all three have a passion for rock and melody. In school band they each learned to stand in the face of the fickle whims of public opinion to be who they are- and since the cranked guitars and vocal harmonies finally lived up to the original vision of the album they were off and running last year with the debut of their dynamic live show in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Brian Nicolatos Brian got his start in music in middle school band but by the time he graduated Georgia Southern he was so immersed in lead guitar and drums that his musical journey had become less 'Bandcamp' and more 'School of Rock'. He brings a heavier element to Oats with influences like Metallica and Satriani. He can usually be found either writing songs or taking pictures as he is also an accomplished photographer. So when you see him you better smile because he will likely have his trusty Nikon camera handy!

Rob Agocs To say Rob is a fan of Tom Petty would be an understatement- he knows the entire Petty catalog note for note! So he naturally brings a melodic sensibility to his Oats bass parts- reminiscent of a young Paul McCartney. Born in Stone Mountain, Rob spent his formative years immersed in Math and Science eventually studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech- his life long passion for music always taking a back seat. But Rob is a graduate now- and if you've ever ridden with a rock fan you know the back seat is where the music is loudest!

Oats Todd Olsen aka 'Oats' first broke into the music scene with his former band The Waiting which he cofounded with his brother in 1991. Having toured North America relentlessly for a dozen years and garnering five national #1 hits on radio they finally went on hiatus and Oats spent the next several years producing other artists having acquired the skill producing/coproducing The Waiting albums since the beginning. After suffering multiple devastating personal losses in succession he wrote and recorded the debut Oats album [a tear and a sneer] as a catharsis. As he put it, "I had a metric ton of grief pushing down on me at that time and I wanted to do something more constructive with those emotions than drink myself to death- so I wrote an album." His stage name 'Oats' was a nickname from 5th grade.

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